Enlighten Optometry
Enlighten Optometry
  • Clinic Mission

    Enlighten Optometry is your local Tiburon & Belvedere destination for cutting edge wellness services, genetic ocular analysis, independent luxury brand prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses.  

    We are a doctor-owned independent office, not beholden to corporations or commercial chains.  The team at Enlighten is proud to serve and support the community of Tiburon, Belvedere, Strawberry, Corte Madera, Mill Valley and Sausalito. 

    We hold ourselves and our vendors to the highest standards of service, ethics, quality, and value for your investment.  At our office, we treat you like a patient, and not a "sale".

Our Services

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Routine Eye Care
Nutrition & Wellness
Routine Eye Care
Comprehensive Eye Exam

Digital precision glasses prescription, comprehensive eye health exam. In-office service.

Contact Lens Fitting & Evaluation

Evaluation of the fit, safety and parameters of contact lenses.  Update contact lens prescription or new fit into lenses to include insertion and removal training. In-office service.

Nutrition & Wellness
Ocular Nutrigenetic Counseling

Remote or In-Office. Referral from current eye doctor recommended.  Introductory 20 min session + a 60 min in-depth analysis with recommendations, Q&A. 

$189 + cost of testing
Ocular Wellness & Nutrition

45 min discussion with doctor about a nutritional plan tailored to your ocular history, and symptom/intake questionnaire.  Remote or In-Office. 

Personalized supplement design

The doctor builds a supportive dietary supplement based on your health needs and priorities, such as immune support, neuroprotection, anti-aging, etc.  The price varies based on number of active ingredients, but on average is $100 per month (minimum order is three months). 

Secure Video Consult   

20 min remote video appointment with the doctor


How does nutrigenetics work?

20 min free consult

Meet the doctor, discuss goals, health challenges and your current eye health regime.  If you decide to move forward we take a deposit and order a genome analysis kit to your address

Use testing kits

Send in your samples (per kit instructions), go online to register the barcodes with the laboratories.  Fill out a symptom survey in your portal

In-depth 60 min
nutrigenetic analysis

6-12 weeks later, the doctor reviews the results with you to  discuss any implications of genetic variation and how it may affect your eye health.

Personalized plan of
targeted nutrients

The doctor explains your options to target and support inflammatory and metabolic pathways, based on your unique genome.