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Why should I get a genetic nutritional analysis?

Nutrients as supportive therapy to increase healthspan is an important new paradigm in medicine.  Here are some reasons you may want to pursue the genetic functional nutrition analysis.  Perhaps your eye doctor told you that you have an eye condition in the "early stages" and could develop over time, such as cataracts, dry eye, drusen (early macular degeneration), or glaucoma.  Or perhaps you have non-specific visual or eye symptoms that have not been easily managed with glasses or contacts, such as difficult night vision, dark adaptation, glare, fatigue, eyestrain, or others.  You would like the most specific and targeted ideas to address the condition proactively, and are open to nutritional changes or supplement changes to address it.

Are you going to tell me to take a bunch of pills?

Supplements could be an integral part of a personalized treatment plan, but food nutrients are the preferred therapeutic tool when possible.

How do I know if its working?

Nutrition advice is meant to support health, not treat or "prevent" disease.  But we know from scientific research that nutrients and bio-active molecules ingested through foods or supplements can have significant effects on the disease process, similar to pharmaceutical medications.  When based on genomic variations, our recommendations are meant to target the support to where the body needs it most, and has the potential to be more effective than general recommendations to "eat clean", "avoid chemicals", or eat "whole foods."

When we have significant clues that ocular problems could be rooted in a certain pathway or buildup of toxic component, our hope is that addressing that pathway could modify the course of that problem, whether it relieves symptoms, restores function, or reduces progression.  In a general sense, when nutrients help balance the body's biochemistry, we can expect to have more energy, focus, and vitality.