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Enlighten Optometry

Individualized medicine is here.
Learn how genetic nutritional analysis enhances patient care

Early stage drusen, dark adaptation issues, cataract formation, glaucoma risk or a family history.  From small hemorrhages to vascular occlusion.  For the patient interested in "aging gracefully" or wants to be proactive in their health journey.  For the patient who says to you at the first diagnosis of a common age-related pathology  "what causes this?"  and "what can I do?"

Using a combination of genome sequencing, comprehensive symptom survey and their current ocular diagnoses/previous eye exams, Dr. Futch has specialized training to identify possible causes of functional (inflammatory, metabolic, etc) weaknesses in the eyes and the body as a whole.  Nitric oxide, homocysteine, iron, copper, radical formation, nutrient utilization, antioxidant protection mechanisms, methylation pathways, and much more.  There are myriad interconnections between pathways, and we produce an amazingly comprehensive profile that surpasses commonly used genetics testing (23andme, ancestry.com, etc)

This is not an "if this, then that" sort of process.   Its personalized care.   We don't "treat" genetic polymorphisms, but investigate based on their clues, use the evidence to build a personalized plan of power nutrients and supplements that could support functional weaknesses and promote ocular wellness.   

Individualized medicine is here, and optometry can be an ideal gateway for patients to have access to this type of care.   Dr Futch can help co-manage these patients remotely, through a secure tele-health video system.  It is specialty care, an adjunct, NOT a substitute for their routine eye care and medical exams. 

Top notch, concierge-level evidence-based care from a functional medicine & nutrition trained optometrist. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer patients for consult and how does it work?

Let your patient know about our services and how it might help them, the first 20 min video consult is free of charge and is used to introduce them to Dr.Futch, talk about goals and motivations for wanting the genetic analysis, discuss the process, etc. 

Fax over a referral form to (415) 621-9290.  It is helpful to know background such as current medications, supplements, ocular history and current diagnoses, best corrected vision, etc.  If a copy of your last exam has the bulk of the information, you can send a copy.  Include the patients email address/contact information and they will get an invite to book the 20 minute initial video consult, which they can book online.  At the end of the initial video consult, should the patient decide to go forward, we take payment and order a genetic test kit and urine analysis, which gets sent directly to the patient's address.  They collect samples and mail them off.  They have the option to bill the urine lab test to their medical insurance.

Once testing has arrived back from the laboratories (6-12 weeks later) we schedule a one-hour dedicated video consult to go over the results and discuss a plan.

Do you bill medical insurance?

No, at this time the testing is an elective service, and the consult is a specialty service.  On the genova laboratory portal, the patient can enter their medical insurance information and there is a way to bill there, but our office does not bill directly. If your patient has financial hardship, a monthly payment plan can be arranged.  We discuss with each patient that depending on how "aggressively" they would like to address eye function support, the cost of supplements can vary widely.

Are you just pushing supplements?

Wherever possible, the food nutrients are the first choice as therapeutic tools.  However, there is considerable research based on supplementation.  These could be nutrients that cannot reach therapeutic levels on food intake alone, or bio-active agents not available from food sources.  So supplement recommendations can be integral to our plan, depending on each individual.   Dr. Futch's goal is to provide as much information to the patient as she can to guide them and let them decide whether they want to buy supplements based on cost, goals, and their life factors.  It is not her desire nor goal to "sell" and make money on supplements.

What's your specialty training?

In addition to the optometry degree, Dr. Futch has completed more than 30 hours of training in genetic analysis, and is enrolled in graduate work at UWS in the field of functional medicine and nutrition.