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Enlighten Optometry
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  • Clinic Mission

    Enlighten Optometry is your local Tiburon & Belvedere destination for cutting edge wellness services, ocular nutrition, independent luxury brand prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses.  

    We are a doctor-owned independent office, not beholden to corporations or commercial chains.  The team at Enlighten is proud to serve and support the community. 

    We hold ourselves and our vendors to the highest standards of service, ethics, quality, and value for your investment.  At our office, we treat you like a patient, and not a "sale".

Our Services

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We much prefer direct pay and happily keep our prices accessible for upfront payment, but also participate in the Vision Service Plan (VSP) panel to accept your in-network copays for routine services and glasses

Routine Eye Care
Nutrition & Wellness
Routine Eye Care
Comprehensive Eye Exam

Digital precision glasses prescription, comprehensive eye health exam. In-office service.

Contact Lens Fitting & Evaluation

Evaluation of the fit, safety and parameters of contact lenses.  Update contact lens prescription.  New fit into lenses includes insertion and removal training. In-office service.

Nutrition & Wellness
Ocular Nutrition Analysis

Introductory 20 min session + a 60 min in-depth analysis.  Includes Lab testing and a customized 14-day meal plan.  Remote or In-Office.   Learn More 

Ocular Wellness Consult 

Discussion with the doctor about a nutritional plan tailored to your ocular history and symptom/intake questionnaires.  60 mins. Remote or In-Office. 


Vibrant Eyes 3 Month Program

All-inclusive: Includes all testing, analysis, customized support/meal plans, and twice a month follow-up video consults with the doctor for 3 months.   $2250